Nearly made it to themeforest but still rejected?


Hi All,

We recently submitted a theme to themeforest and got a response that we are nearly there but the theme files are not responsive and we should correct and resubmit the theme. To quote:

Unfortunately, we were unable to approve your submission because your files were inaccurately represented as responsive and fails to implement the feature up to ThemeForest’s standards. Please take a moment to make sure that your design implements the feature well for mobile devices as well.

This is the theme and it is indeed responsive, at least we have done our best to make it so and we do have a few customers that are already using it and are happy with it:

But obviously we are missing something. Without being able to contact Envato directly about this, we thought that maybe someone in the forum could have an idea what might not be responsive in this theme according to themeforest standards?

If you could share your feedback we would extremely thankful!


They say its not up to the standards, and responsiveness needs to be improved. that’s it.



Thanks for the answer!
But responsiveness is quite an encompassing term. How do you improve it when you do not know
which part of it exactly is lacking.

This is actually my question. What part of the theme you believe are not up to the themeforest responsive standards.
Is it the menu, the footer, the resizing of the images maybe? Or could it be a particular page? Or a particular resolution?



The video BG should go UNDER the logo not above. BUT I would remove it for mobile devices altogether.