Nearly 2700 sales + (1300 sales per year)

Friends, I would like to leave a short but rather promising post here.

The post I left a year ago :

As you can see, for the year I had good sales.

And here’s what I understood, it’s important not only how much time it takes to create content, but it’s important to hone your concentration at work, in other words, it’s better to work for 2-3 hours concentrating and not being distracted by social networks, etc. than sitting for 10 hours without any concentration.

By concentrating, you will be able to understand what exactly the client wants and what is best created at this time. And also you can see your mistakes that were made.
This is much better than working randomly, and doing a lot of unnecessary actions.

Quantity and quality are not separable from each other. Good luck!))


It is great news that you have had reallly good sales although I would not be prepared to lower my pricing structure for my portfolio so low in order to gain a rise in sales numbers.


In my opinion, it should be able to do dumping where appropriate. You need to look at the real situation, You can also check that there are items which I sell for $ 83

But everyone has a different approach.

Thank you for these great tips. As you say less time invested in social media and distraction mindset lead to better music production results. And congrats for your success!! Keep on it!

I think this post by @MykeRoss is appropriate!

@SmartSounds, why don’t you celebrate your next paw badge instead of this faux success selling thousands of peanuts?


Dude, I couldn’t agree more with you on the importance of focusing. (I shouldn’t be writing this actually, ha!) :slight_smile:

I’ll say, though, that I see nothing promising in your pricing strategy. More of the exact opposite to be honest. Following this trend and being an example of it for others is demolishing our business and our craft, and there’s nothing to celebrate about that. Today a fellow author posted a thread celebrating he set a new record by achieving Elite with the fewer amount of sales thanks to his medium-high pricing; he actually has much less sales than you have. Quite an example of how 5-bucking only serves Envato.

On the other hand, if I went out on the street with a stand full of free cookies and gave away every single one of them, I wouldn’t be so sure I’m on a roll. Now, if people are willing to pay a fair amount for them, that would be a whole different story.

Sorry for the bummer; your post is inspiring and I share your insights, but it’s also true that the $5 insanity is severely damaging what’s left of this place. Hope you understand.


No, actually we don’t see that. That big number on your profile is meaningless without taking price into consideration and certainly not a measure of success.


@FirstNote, @WormwoodMusic

Friends, I understand your negative about dumping, but this is the realities of today’s environment. Those who complain simply waste their time and others’ time. Dumping with me is used to attract customers to my profile, from my observations, customers often come because of the relatively low price, but once in my profile they buy and the goods are much more expensive than the average price for Audiojungle.

This is not success in numbers, it is real success and I want to share with you, because I believe that my observation can help a lot.

My average earnings in recent some months has increased by 3-4 times and in order not to be unfounded, I attach a screenshot.


She also continues to grow.


why don’t you celebrate your next paw badge instead of this faux success selling thousands of peanuts?

Next month I think I will already be celebrating the 6th paw.

Almost reached.)))

Oook, then. Got your point. Just bare in mind that the customers “attraction” you mention wouldn’t happen AT ALL if it weren’t because other authors are still struggling to maintain a dignified value for our work and our time. Once this absurd track-for-a-penny trend becomes the new normal, and it’s happening right in front of our eyes, one bargain will not differ from the other and we’ll have a well deserved hyper devaluated market. Anyway, I don’t want to preach and yet, here I am bugging.

Sorry mods out there, I know I’ve been a PITA lately. My bad. I promise I won’t bother with this anymore and keep a shinny happy face. Happy dumping everyone! :slight_smile: :chart_with_downwards_trend:


Unfortunately I can not agree with you.

You see what you want to see. In fact, you want you to see the negative.
If think like you, then the elements are much more profitable than any $ 5 track. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate to be a dick about this, but you’re here actively advocating price dumping, so I think it’s only fair to analyse the success that you are claiming.
You make some SFX and logos, but mostly music tracks, packs or kits, and you have 529 items in your portfolio. On average, that’s 3+ item uploads per week, so we’re not talking about occasional work here.
Paw 6 is $40K total Envato revenue, and you’ve earned tops $22K of that in 3 years, half of that was in the last 12 months.
Granted, $11K in a year isn’t to be sniffed at, but I question if it’s worth the time and effort that you’ve put into making it.


Working at the local library 3 days a week, meeting beautiful young mother’s would make you more then 11k in a year…


An uptrend is an uptrend. don’t listen to what others say - all you have to do is find out the reasons for this rise and strengthen them. If it was dumping, then continue to do just that. If creativity, do it. If concentration, concentrate. It does not matter. It is important that the graph reflects real statistics.
The number of sales is not the main statistic, since you can sell 50 sounds for 1 dollar (such idiots are on this site) and have a lot of sales (breaking prices for competitors), but get $ 0.26 from the sale and there is nothing to be proud of. Such a business is only good when you live in Mexico. :slight_smile:
Income statistics are what you “plow and sow” for (the goal is the crop).
The buyer is divided into 2 categories: professional and amateur. The average person wants cheaper (better for free). The professional wants the best. And for the latter, the price is not a problem at all!


envy better silently))

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I don’t do many things silently to be honest, but I do get your point. There’s not a great deal to be envious about here at the moment, but there aught to be. Breaks the heart to see decent, hard work handed out for loose change.


I understand you. It was a “Russian joke.” I joked (probably in translation it is difficult to understand, because this is an idoma).
Literally this is: “Rejoice at the success of another and success will visit you.”
I know how hard it is to create a good track and how difficult it is to sell it in such a competition. But, this is the “wild world of capitalism.” What to do?
We did not create it - but we live in it.
Sound engineers from poor countries dampen me very forcefully - but, I’m looking for ways to deal with this. They sell 50 sounds for 1 dollar, I sell 25 sounds for 10 dollars (eg). Professional studios buy from me because my sounds are beautiful. But, not as staggeringly often as the poor filmmakers. What to do? They also want to eat and they have their own ways to earn their dollars.


Of course. But it’s so impolite to celebrate here the progress achieved by price dumping. We are fine Community build over the years and this is simply not ok.

BTW I do not understand price dumping on KITs. They are premium products for clients with bigger wallets who are used to buy more expensive products. Especially that KITs are a kind of expansion of cheap basic product. If I sell one KIT for 40$ I get 32 dollars. If someone sells KITs for 9 dollars, he have to sell 32 of them.

Of course pricing is each one’s choice. Please remember not to start price fixing discussion.


You have the best “Stomp and Claps Logo”. I tried to do better 2 years ago. He was not even accepted by the reviewer. I sold this track in the Asian market only 2 times (within 2 years).
I think your comments on dumping are fair. But don’t worry. In the long run, dumping is unprofitable. And the one who damps out quickly, because it is unprofitable, and, most importantly, it is not inspiring.
“He who harms others will stop himself.”