Near-complete Client Site - Design Hell?


Hello everyone!

I have nearing completion of an ecommerce site for a client using the lotus flower theme by lollum. I am divided about the outcome of the overall design, i.e. slider images/text, product images, content layout and presentation.

Design is not my strongest point by far, I much prefer to do the heavy coding as you can probably tell.

It would be massively appreciated if any of you keen-eyed folks could briefly cast your eye over the site and possibly provide a little feedback in exchange for massive amounts of gratitude. I am more than happy to return the favor for anyone and everyone who so wishes it, just ask!

The site in question can be found at:

I cannot thank you enough guys! I look forward to some critique from the best folks in the business.




I’m sure that there will be some design critique coming your way soon but from a user experience point; What is the website actually selling? I have to click on the ‘Shop’ page to find out. You need to be clear about what is being sold straight away, a clear call to action which takes you to the shop and below that where you have the various social media logos you need instead to have the prices which are found on the shop page. And from a branding point of view, I will use the old client call 'Make the logo bigger, just when you scroll down it becomes too small, consider removing the tag line from this smaller logo so that it gives you room to make it larger.


Fantastic feedback, exactly what I was hoping for. I will address these points in the next round of tweaks, thankyou!