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Hello to everyone ! We had this topic on the old forum and I see no reason why we would not have same topic on this new spot. Therefore, the season starts, I’m excited and can not wait to start. what are your predictions for the new NBA season hm !? :slight_smile:


Didn’t follow too much of the offseason - but I am just really excited to see the Bulls play this season with an offensive-geared coach. May be interesting how DRose can thrive in this new system, and finally see McDermott play some NBA ball!


I’m really excited! I’m from Portland so I’m a blazers fan which is going to be tough this year. We completely rebuilt our team but I think we have a lot of potential.

The Spurs are going to be insane! They acquired even more talent after the end of last season. I could see them in the finals for sure.



GO SONICS!! :cry:


original lob city !!! … uh man Payton - Kemp :sunglasses:


I hope that Rose and Jimmy will put aside the ego and be lethal combinations on the floor :sunglasses:


I think the Rose / Butler is more a media thing than anything else…

I really like the rookie Bobby Portis and if Tony Snell and McD have strong years, this could be pretty interesting!


You lost a ton of skilled player, but kept the best one out of the crop! Dame Lillard is a class act and by himself a good enough reason to cheer for Portland.


I agree , special because I’m a fan of Bulls :slight_smile: !!! and ooh yeah Bulls start strong !!! :sunglasses:


I’m a Portland native, born and bred. I can’t remember a time where a team lost 5 out of their top 6 players in one off season! Dame is amazing and for his sake, I hope we rebuild quickly. Spurs will be amazing, as always!


The “Reign Man” was unreal! The most powerful and ferocious dunker I have ever seen!


Man I really like the looks of a new offense from the Bulls !!! :sunglasses:

Derrick Rose & Jimmy Butler Full Highlights at Nets


I do not know if Kobe deserved it , but man this is hilarious Kobe Bryant in NBA JAM — BRICKSHAKALAKA

what do you think !? :slight_smile:


Haha! Ouch. Kobe is one of the best - would have liked his career to end on an up note.


Hey Ninja rip city looking pretty good at the start of the season , pleasant surprise :slight_smile:


Oh no! It’s been jinxed! Now we are on our first streak of the season - 5 losses in a row!!! :frowning:


I really feel like it’s going to be Golden State that wins it again this year. Curry is just insanely unstoppable. Lebron isn’t that healthy and who knows how Kyrie will be when he returns. I’m a Chicagoan, but I don’t think the Bulls have the right pieces to be a contender yet.


Steph is a man on a mission, it seems to me that this is the start of the new NBA dynasty and dominance ! :smile:


Warriors write history: 16 - 0. what do you think, when will be the first defeat !? :slight_smile: