Nayma theme incompatible with Visual Composer


at our initial website ( we used the Nayma theme (version 2.0.4), along with the Visual Composer plugin. We recently did a website migration to our new domain. We also updated the Visual composer plugin to version 12.4.

The problem now is that we can’t add new pages or posts as the Visual Composer section is not available on the Add Page/Post. It seems like the name ‘Visual Compose’ appears far a fraction of a second but than suddenly disappears. I’ve just read that the Nayma theme no longer ‘ships’ with the Visual Composer plugin. Can this be the reason why VC does not work properly anymore?

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It sounds like it could be an issue with the PHP version on our new hosting?

Can you be more specific? You mean ‘our’ or ‘your’ new hosting?

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Your - sorry

It requires v 5.2 and sounds like it’s worth checking

That said of the theme is discontinued it could easily be a comparability issue with that also


I will check the PHP with our host.
In case of the incompatibility, what can I do specifically to figure this out?

It depends on your technical ability but depending on the level of complexity to fix it you can look on for a freelancer who may be able to fix it.

Definitely get them to asses it properly to check how complicated/expensive that may be bit of it used the plugin originally then in theory it should be doable.

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