Naming Tracks on AudioJungle

Hello everybody!
I’m new to AudioJungle, only 1 month here.
Recently a new track which I named “Lounge Music” was approved for my portfolio and the reviewer changed its name to “Lounge” and sent me a message that they don’t allow the word “Music” in item names anymore. So I decided to leave the name “Lounge”, it’s seemed pretty OK for me.
But the next day one more track has been approved and its name was “Upbeat Music” and this time the reviewer left the name of the track as it was.
I just want to clarify is it allowed or not to use the word “Music” in the names and did someone of you guys also get such a message?

My portfolio is here:✓&term=upbeat+music&as=0&referrer=search&view=grid

I think this rule should apply to all items, not only the new items. In your case, it might be a mistake. You can rename and resubmit it. But unfortunately, there are still many items contain the word “music” in the names.


Yes, you’re right. So I actually got that message after I had renamed the track back to “Lounge Music” and resubmitted it. Then I got the message that this word is not allowed anymore in the names.

Interesting question! Where can authors read that word “music” is don’t allowed at items name? When I started work at AudioJungle I read article about item names, but I don’t rememer anything about this.

Hi, I’d better give a quote of the message I got:
"Please note - This item’s title was edited by AudioJungle review staff, for library indexing and or management purposes. We don’t allow the word “Music” in item names anymore.

If you would like to suggest another title now, please do so via the edit tab on the item’s page, and submit an item update, including Notes to Reviewer."

I also didn’t find anywhere this rule before.

Maybe someone from Envato Team can give answer about this. Becasue there are many items that contain word “music”. And I don’t understand why it can’t be allowed. There are relevant searches such as “corporate music”, “upbeat music” and other… :confused:

Yes, same thoughts!

All tracks are loaded on Audio Jungle is the “music”) If something is not music, it will reject))))

Confuse? Studio-az asked about the items that contain the word “Music” in the names. How does your reply relates to the topic? PS. All of the items in my portfolio are not music, I’ve never get rejected… :blush:

Lyrical digression. Humor)))

Pretty funny, guys :slight_smile:
Is it worth writing a direct message to the reviewer who sent me this message or any other ideas?
Actually I was going to name some of my next tracks using this word and I guess some of you would do also, so it would be great to clarify this somehow.