Naming tracks after search engine update

Maybe there is a willing person here who would like to share general view statistics of your songs.

I’m interested in the comparison of 2 tracks from one category, one of the
“artistic” name second with the name of this type “Epic Motivational Hybrid Trailer”.

I have a song of the same Cinematic genre in my portfolio, but I would say that the song with the artistic name gains more views than the song with the name containing the tags themselves.

Data from first month:

  • Epic Hybrid Trailer - 85 views
  • Chasing Dreams - ~ 200 views

It seems to me, however, that it is better to give a tagged name, especially if you upload a song to a small crowded category, then my observation shows that after entering the genre name in search bar is a greater chance that our song will pop up on 1 page regardless of time and filters. (my example of “Drum and Bass” - still 1st page)

Could someone refer to this?
Is there any reason to keep artistic names?

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