Name of music used in video?

Hi there everone.

So there is a song that a YouTuber named Rob Dyke used one of his videos. He uses the song at 4:00 in this video:

If somebody could either send me a link to the song, or just give me the title and/or who made it, I would really appreciare it. Thank you!

No one can help you without the owner of that video. Because there are lots of songs available on AudioJungle which are almost similar with this. So, I suggest you contact the owner of that video to know the name of that music. Cheers. :slight_smile:

Hey man. Thank you for taking the time to reply to this post.

I would have contacted Rob about it, but he’s been very unresponsive, as of late. There was another song he usd that I wanted to know the name of, so I tried contacting him, but there was no response. So going to the forum page is probably my only shot at getting the name of that song.

Once again, thanks for the reply, and I’ll definitely heck out your music!

How do you know that its from Audiojungle? It says the composer is Hungry Lights in the description.

I didn’t notice that. Thanks.

Rob does tht a lot. He says in the description that the music was made by Hungry Lights, but when I search for the songs, I don’t find them on Hungry Lights and instead find them on AudioJungle. So I’m assuming that al of the songs that Rob uses are from AudioJungle.