N00b question: how do I communicate with Sellers and Buyers -- WHERE IS THE 'MAILBOX' option?

I want to communicate with another Author that I bought a couple templates from.

FOUND where to message them; wondering, lol, how to get a response they may have made to me, lol!!
I MEAN wow, on Creative Market, there’s a blatant little ‘mail’ icon – you know what is sent to you as a Buyer or Author, and can respond there.

BUT there is no such thing on Envato/Graphic River. I mean, if there is one, it’s hidden quite thoroughly.

HOW DO I GET messages, then? Where are they sent to??


For graphicriver Author contact You can contact them going through their profile page then in right sidebar you will see Contact form. You have to logged in envato market to see the contact form.


You will get the answer on your email registered with your account.

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So, you realize that was not the question I had, right?

I already said that I, and I quote, “FOUND WHERE to message them”…

No idea why you thought telling me something I already stated, lol, that I knew would be helpful.

Thank you so much, @LSVRthemes – that is appreciated, and is exactly what I was looking for.

Hope you have a wonderful day! :smiley: