mysterious credit card charge

I have a credit card mysterious credit card charge for $198. I do not remember this nor have any record of this purchase. How can I figure this out without disputing the charge on the credit card?

This charge might be valid (I don’t remember this though) yet maybe I purchased whatever this was from a different account that I can not find.

Is there any support that can help me find this charge or find out if this was a mistake?

From the price it sounds like an Envato Elements subscription. Did you sign up with that service, or perhaps start the 7-day trial and forget to cancel? Check at

Support for Envato Elements can be found here:

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Thank you =) Yeah the thing is, I can’t seem to find this account that bought the subscription & so i need help to locate my account that bought this subscription.

No worries. If you’re not sure of the username, definitely open a Help ticket at – they may be a bit slow to respond, so include as many details up front as you can to help them track it down.

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perfect — thank you =)