MYOB EXO with WooCommerce Integration

Hi all,

I’ve got a client who would like to use MYOB EXO in their company, but from what I can see there isn’t much available in terms of CMS integration. It doesn’t have to be woocommerce but that’s my preference. Could anyone help or make recommendations around making this possible?


I am looking for this exact thing also if anyone has any answers. Did you get anywhere with it Chad?



Hey Nathan,

Unfortunately not.

I’m currently working with a company called Very Important Software (VIS) who are specialists in MYOB POS and Online Systems. I’m going to be doing the front end and they’re going to be doing the ecommerce side which integrates.

It’s exceptionally convoluted and frustrating - and it seems I’m going to be using Dot Net Nuke to do the front end.

I think this topic of discussion needs to go bigger.


Hey guys, if you haven’t solved this yet, we can definitely help! We are eCommerce integration specialists and have linked EXO and many other accounting/ERP applications with many different website platforms, including WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify etc. Contact us via