MyCareer - Resume WordPress Theme help needed.

Hi everybody,
I’m editing this pos: What should have been an easy couple of days has turned into 2 weeks of hell. The “support” from the author Mikado-Themes / Qode is useless. I wait 1 to 3 days for their cut n paste reply which answers nothing. I then say “that doesn’t work” but hey they’re gone already and I have to wait another 3 days.
Not great considering I PAID for the support.

Anyway, I’m wondering if anybody here has ever used the My Career - Resume Wordpress Theme and got it to actually work properly?

In the last two weeks I have managed to fix most of the errors with the theme (the first 5 days trying to get the demo content installed properly) but am stuck on the Blog which refuses to take the width.
If, as “Support” said, I choose the Blog post to use the ‘Elementor Full width’ template, everything else disappears (title, sidebar, etc). If I use the theme’s options and set it to 1400px the single post still remains at 912px. Has anyone ever used this theme and got the pos to work properly?


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!


Did you even read my post? The author does not provide any real support. Their answers are cut n paste b/s just to fob me off for the next threee days before they can be bothered to leave another cut n paste reply.

If author refuse item support then raise a dispute against that author open a envato market help ticket they would like to assist you.

Note: Author are not responsible for customization support.

I did last week but it got ignored. Envato don’t seem to mind if their Authors wrip buyers off with glitchy themes and zero support.