My Zark Plugin has been rejected, why?

Hi, I created some slides for Revolution slider 6, but it was rejected without a valid reason.
Here you will find my link:

I would like to know the why


you are very kind, how can you help me?

Are you sure this is something that is sold on CodeCanyon? Are there other ones to reference?

The typography (esp. on the third dark one) is not great and there just doesn’t feel like there is much premium value in the item?

Thanks for the reply.
There is something being sold on CodeCanyon:

Are you referring to this slide for typography?

I like criticism, it makes you grow …

These links are much better than the one above.

The one I felt had issues was

Does your plugin have the scale of the example above e.g. hundreds of designs/template, full PSDs etc?

I appreciate that you don’t like this slide.

My plugin currently only has 99 templates with a total of 297 slides.
There are no psd because the user does not need it, as it is enough to change the text, image and content to have the same effect as the slides. I created this to make it easy to customize slides with just one click, but Envato doesn’t understand this …