My works are not accepted, help

Hello, this is my first forum post. I have written over 50 works for audio jungle and only 2 of them accepted. I had very high hopes for this track, but it was not accepted either. Apparently I have some big mistake, I can’t fix it myself, help me please

Listen to Tropical House.mp3 by Helle on #SoundCloud

Thank you very much

Hi There,
Really great melodies in there. It starts off really well. :slight_smile:
The first thing I noticed was the bass sounds out of tune?
Your mix is very top heavy and high in frequency. After the intro, the middle section has no variation, it’s too long to go without something else happening musically. I would suggest listening to the top sellers in this genre and using the same instruments that they do and try to copy their mix too.
I would continue with this track as it has potential and maybe resubmit in the future.
Keep going. All the best

Thank you very much :grinning:

I am afraid to re-nominate this track because I am afraid that my account will be blocked. For bass I usually leave everything up to 90 Hz, maybe this is not the right approach?
I will try to solve something with this problem.

I meant the bass note every second bar of the middle section. You have an E in the piano and an F in the bass.

I agree with everyone here, the bass should drive this track and it sounds completely off. Try reworking that bass line.