My work is rejected one by one. Please help with tips!

Hello everybody!

For earlier, I apologize for my English. I am a novice author and dream of working on this site, but my work is rejected, no matter how hard I try. I do not blame anyone. But I really need your advice guys!

Here is the last 2 work

Thank you very much!

Hey there,

these are my thoughts:

  • The title “waterfall” implies somethign quite big to me. Your two submitted audios mainly sound like simple noise hum with some rare water drops.
  • Especially the second one has a weird stereo field. The humming is mainly on the right channel. I would center such a sound so that the client can use it better.
  • I am not familiar with the sound effect section of AJ yet, but I would not make these sounds as two AJ entries rather than one, while one sound is a variation of the other … with such a similarity.

So in general: always try to think client oriented, while I assume that most clients are not sound designers by themself and need more pre-designed sounds (I am just guessing! :smiley: ).

Good luck the next time!

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This is more titled like “Far away from waterfall close to shore”


So it’s not the sound quality that matters, but the “composition”?

the waterfall is on the right side, you should try and center it always, but also this is nice sound but very specific and hard to sell, because someone would rarely need a waterfall on the right (or left if inverted) and also having water splashes near shore

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Try to ask yourself always: “How would a client use this directly in their project?”. It matters both: quality and structure. If the quality is bad, the client would lower the projects overall quality with a bad sound. If the structure it not useful, the client could not embed the material fast and easy in their project. Clients need fast and easy to use materials, which sound good at the same time, I would say. :wink: