My work has been thrown

Hello everyone.
First, thanks for your help. My template was refused, Hard Rejection.
I am very saddened. Please someone can give me advice on what’s wrong in the template?
The design?
Copyright violation?
Is there a document that explains how to create a proper template?

I worked with love and passion, but it was not enough. Thanks, at least for reading this post.
This is the project: click here

Please help me, for me is very important.

Don’t loose hope.

The menu didn’t seem to work on my mobile device. You might want to check it out.

All the best with the revison.
Have a good day!
Don’t worry much!

Thank you for your feedback, is very helpful.

Hello, in my point of view the site is not so bad, but have to be cleaned up, here are some quick view suggestions.

  1. The gradient divider line (used as main element of design) is not very gently - I don’t need it there at all, or even the 1px single line would be enough. Also this design element is quite obsolete

  2. The design concept is not compact at all

  • front page you have used the clean images, portfolio page there are heavy rounded borders borders (why?)
  • shop front page rounded boxes Vs. single product square boxes etc
  • comming to contact again the heavy rounded border on map - out of concept.
  1. Preview image selection
  • go to alternative page and take a look at “What We Do” section, those digital graphics are from some stock of 80s probably… Also the typography headers “Programming, Design” are very very big and heavy. (the rest of page seem to be some mountain tourism agency and you combine it with programming - heres lost the concept of page)
  • front page: starting with the mountains slider, then some frogs, then some flowers an bottom again the mountains. You should stay with one line of product and maybe also take care on image selection.
  1. Many elements are too heavy (“Made with love” accordion section for example)

  2. Space dividers
    Front page bottom: “Some of our works” then white space divider, then red part (with the 1 px line under header - ok why not the gradient divider now, also the line would be enough the half of width), then again white space divider, then the line divider, then get in touch. It is messy so many parts / elements with no meaning - You don’t need it in the design.

I can imagine the site as good one, but needs some more work on design. Regards Soul :sunny:

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Thanks for your patience and the feedback.
I really appreciate