My wordpress theme Shopy Girl Rejection

Hello Envato Community,
Few days before i uploaded this theme

Today i got an email that it is rejected . .Can i please know the reason
And can i resubmit it again?

First thing what i noticed is a problem whit your images (thumbs) are streched.

Sorry but you are still a long way off…

Most of everything mentioned here Shopy WordPress theme for approval remains an issue.

  • The site logo is not aligned

  • The typography needs a huge amount of work throughout the site

  • @webbuster is spot on that many images are pixelated and stretched

  • Covering brand names with colored blocks does not prevent it being copyright. You will never be accepted if you are using official brand photos in your file that you do not own or have permission for.

There are plenty of stock images for things like lipstick which you can get and use legally

Thank you very much for giving your opinion.
But i have a question that can i resubmit this theme again after doing more work on it and bringing it to the required level

You can once you have made considerable updates etc.

Thats okay
Thank You