My wordpress theme hard rejected!
any idea why the theme got hard rejected?

It looks unfinished - too many design issues

Looks good o me!

Thanks for your response, what makes it look unfinished? and what are design issues?

Header has too many information/details. There’s lots of going on there.
The “circle” idea is not bad but it has been used too much as well as it’s been mixed “square” concept as well. It doesn’t really fit each other.

In some places, there’s not much space for the text to breath as well as other spacing issues.

Inner menu ( both categories and other ) has different design. It’s confusing.

The preview image choices is poor. Could’ve been better. Better font combination would be better.

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Thanks. So it’s not required to have different home page demos and some things like this? Does the problem come from the design? would appreciate any tip to help me to upload my first theme successfully.

WordPress has high demand currently, I suggest try another category first, HTML maybe…

Instead of adding everything on one page, you could create few more pages and divide the features.

The design is also quite nice, however I think you need to make the homepage more diverse (add some cool sections) and refine the elements more.