My wordpress plugin keeps getting hard-rejected for no reason

Hello, my wordpress plugin got hard-rejected 4 times for no reason. When I got my first hard-rejection, I emailed and asked why - they didn’t even bother to tell me why in the first rejection email - and they said AI-generated content isn’t allowed. however, the source codes were written entirely by my own effort - I spent 2 months of effort. I just wrote the documentation with artificial intelligence. however, I wrote my own documentation and sent it again, and it was rejected again. I sent a more restricted version to the wordpress directory - to get feedback from the wordpress team - and I sent the premium version again, it was hard-rejected again. In summary, my plugin received a total of 4 hard-rejects. Could you please look at my plugin and help me with what I’m doing wrong? I definitely think I’ve made a unique and near-perfect plugin. I really don’t understand what is wrong.

my plugin (free version) : AI Comment Creator – WordPress plugin |

Stop uploading the plugins/scripts that contains AI/API connection.

AI-generated content means SOURCE CODE written by AI, not normal people. I didnt even use AI to write my item’s source code. its my own work. AI-related content is very different thing.

Envato is not looking for AI integrated items. It doesn’t matter if you coded all the script or not - if you’re using an API for AI, it won’t get accepted and if you keep uploading the same item, your upload rights will be removed.