My WordPress item gets rejected.

This is the link of the demo for WordPress which i got rejected:

Following are the comments from the reviewer:

  1. Nice start, however, your theme appears to be unfinished and incomplete. Major design improvements are required.

There are way too many items to list! Please get familiar with our marketplace to get some design ideas, the best way of knowing what works is to look at the latest approved themes!

Basically my question is the quality of the PHP code of the WordPress theme meets the required quality for Envato?


Hi @opusthemes,

If there were problems with PHP, you would most likely be soft-rejected with further steps on how to improve it. This time however it’s about design quality, and there is some room for improvement.

First of all don’t use the same text, categories and dates everywhere, put some effort to make your site look natural. Secondly - I admire all minimal layouts, however yours looks more like unfinished. There are multiple spacing issues throughout the theme. Logo font looks ugly. And finally - social icons look like free widget that one can obtain from third-party site.

I believe you could make enough changes to this theme to get it approved. Take a look at themes already available on TF, especially the ones that sell quite fast from the beginning. Good luck!


Hi @lucalogos

I really appreciate your comment. Can you please do me a favor of taking a screenshot of some of the spacing issues and send it to me? I know its a bit hard to be more descriptive with screenshots but your slight help would be really helpful me.

I am planning to have a meeting with a new front end development and a screenshot with some indications of the issues will really help me convey the quality expected from him.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll be honest with you. I was preparing a screenshot, but the more I look at your design, the better I see that you (or your developer) was following a pattern. Margins are being consistent in certain areas, except for entire header part. Logo is too high, social icons are off, first menu item could start from the beginning:


Additionally space between featured post image and post title seem to be a bit too short. That would be all in terms of spacing.

EDIT: footer widgets and sidebar lack margins on resolution <980.


Thanks @lucalogos. I really appreciate your help. Thanks again!

@lucalogos i have another question. Are margins, spacing and padding are checked on pixel basis? like for example one section have spacing of 70px at top and 72px at bottom. Is it an issue or we have that much allowance as authors?

I don’t think so. In fact it’s difficult to find a theme that’s pixel perfect in all areas, but there’s more to it than just math. It’s about overall look of the design.


@lucalogos thanks again for your reply. You are a superstar.