my website panalized by google

hi every on my website was penalized by the google detailed screenshot attached with the post can anyone help out to clear this


i also have 1 more website maned an i am afraid about, that also please help me out

Hi @hibatahir9

Google has a tool for testing structured data, you can find it here:

This way, you can test your data before sending it to Google index via the Google Web Master Tools.


hey there thanks for your replay i have check the website into it before but i have never seen anything error or warning from google about it

Remove the bad links using google disavow tool.

Hi @hibatahir9

Your site should have error and warning free in structured data as @hevada mentioned. So please fix all and submit it to google again for review.


@mgscoder I checked but no error/ warning shows let me share a screenshot

Hi @hibatahir9

If you fixed all then submit it to google to review. Hope google will short out it.


Yeah, that’s good idea to resubmit again.

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i have done and its indexed again.

Hi, so you have gotten solution, right. good luck

yeah thank you very much everyone.

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solved great! please make it as a solved topics. Thanks

i am sorry i dont know how to do that

you have to choose any one reply (most liked/which reply help you to fix it) there you can see tick symbol click there you will see a solution button you have to click. Thanks