My Videohive Project is Hard Rejected!

I am new to Envato market, and this is the first project I created. Though I believe that I read all the rules about how to manage the folders, and the right way to submit a post, it has been hard rejected. So can you please view and help me with it ???..

It’s very simple, the frames of the images are a bit basic and the movement is a bit too linear. And with just six images, it’s a bit short for a slideshow video. The logo reveal looks very familiar as well.

It;s a good start, but it needs considerable work to get it to the standard that it would be accepted on the site. Keep at it though!

Thank you very much for your review and answer. I highly appreciate it. To tell the truth I was thinking this to have a Digital Photo Companies opener logo, not as a slideshow, but anyway thank you for your response. Have a magic day.