My video hive item has been rejected...need suggestion ad help

this is my project link

hope you’ll tell exactly why its got rejected?

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Looks a bit 2008. Would have been accepted back in the day, but its too simple, repetitive and doesn’t look like a premium item. That’s the way I see it anyway.


Thanks for your feedback …I ll improve after this…:slight_smile:

Hi. It looks too flat about design and is all the same from one slide to another, it needs more variations, and details on screen because looks a bit empty to me. Transitions should be smoother, same as camera moves, and watching a second time it definitely needs more details and maybe color gradients on screen to make it more visually interesting for customers.
Good Luck!!

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Thank you @GoForMotion☺️

You ll see my item soon with improvements that you mentioned @SpaceStockFootage @GoForMotion
Thank you …and I need your feedback forever