My video has gone viral (8mil views), did they break copyright agreement?

My video has gone viral on fb, the first one has about 8mil views and the second about 1mil! I don’t know much about copyright, but as I recall, in order for the clip to be used multiple times, they have to buy multi-use licence, and I never sold one for this video. What are my options and is it worth to interfere, or should I just enjoy that my footage has goon this far, even without recognition?

p.s. The video has been used on many other fb pages…

This is the video:

Viral video 1:

Viral video 2:

That is correct, but in this case they didn’t use the clip in two different end-products, they simply created one end-product and then uploaded that end-product to two different Facebook pages, which is perfectly fine under the single-use license.

5. You can make any number of copies of the single End Product. You can distribute the single End Product through multiple media, and you can make it available online or broadcast it to an unlimited number of viewers.

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Thanks for clearing that up, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that some of my videos have a great potential :grinning:

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