My Valentines poster was rejected. Please advice why.

Ha ha, very strange negative effect.

I would change the typography.
I do not really like the “doll style”, if the idea was that the poster should be “Barbie”, this is a good idea, but in my subjective opinion, the drawing itself is not very interesting

Have a nice day!

I don’t know why that negative effect showed up, very strange. But when you click on it, it will show the correct colours.

Thanks for your feedback. This is my first upload, do you have links to material that can guide me better please?

I clicked on your image, because I have already encountered a similar effect, I also do not understand why it is manifested. :tipping_hand_man: To assess the correctness of their actions in your design, I recommend viewing the latest work approved for GR or compare with the work of your favorite designer

the thing that u trie could have been interesting but honestly as such i feel like that u should add a mention “before seeing this design, pls put your glasses on” LOL more seiously , u have a cool thing about originality and the typo part but the colors are way too aggressive and not creating harmony and not matching well indeed … plus "your club presents is not properly placed … hard to understand the black color for 14 , color that is not matching with the rest of the texts it’s been associated with … u should add smooth shadows under the main title in my opinion. The background is too raw … u need to introduce more design into it