My username has been used for a fake review!!!

I was looking for a plugin and found the one I was looking for. I checked it out and what do i see:
The Authors are using my username as a fake review:
(removed by mod)

I have everything documented but what can i do now? Where do I need to send this information so that it is handled as it should be?


Please don’t mind I have removed the item link from your post. I have seen that that plugin has no review till now and they have provided a screenshots of reviews in product descriptions (may be reviews from another items from their profile). Have you provided them any review for any items from their profile!

Please open Help ticket and let them know. They will be happy to assist you.


Im not sure. But what can i do to make them remove it?

Just I have checked and found you have provided that review for another item of their profile. If you go to their profile and go to item review page you will find.