My uploaded template got rejected. Please help on this.

This is the demo link. Can someone please let me know what is incorrect here?

With respect there is nothing premium about this that couldn’t be found in a freebie template.

You need to evolve features, functionality etc. significantly

Thank you so much for your suggestion.

Can you specifically let me know that do I need to work on the design as a whole, or images or just everything? This template is a one-page layout and I have seen many such theme with the same kind of functionality like clicking on the nav-link it jumps to the respective section. And do I need to have a working form?

The form is useful but your issue is as you said there are many free and premium one page site templates out there so you need to bring something new and with design, features a functionality that warrants someone paying for it

I appreciate your valuable suggestion. I will definitely work on it.

Hi, I tried again uploading another template today, but again it got rejected. I am not understanding what is missing here or what is the thing thats lacking?