My upload status is not showing any more, and didn't get any mail.

Hi Team,
First time uploading my work in Envato, After upload I was able to see my upload status in dashboard, recently upload status is disappeared and I didn’t receive any mail regarding my upload is approved or rejected.

How do I get to know what happen to my Upload?

If it’s not on the “hidden items” it’s rejected with a standard message.
To enable the email notifications, you can change the settings on your account - it’s probably disabled.

If I update the settings now do I get mail with reason of rejection.

Yes, but DO NOT re-submit the item.

Okay, I can fix the comments addressed and resubmit right?

If it’s soft-rejected, yes, you can fix the issues and update ( no need to re-submit ) the item.

If it’d hard-rejected, you cannot submit it again.

Sure Thanks.