my unlimited licence is not working

unlimited licence not working and I cannot find any support.

Same here! I bought a license and now every time there is an update available my site seems to stop working until I pay the ransom payment of $35 dollars. If I had known this would be a “pay as you play” every single time I would have never bought it.

Good luck!

@kimdolan What is the “unlimited license” supposed to be for? i.e. what product?

@emendoz1725 35$ to buy what? In what way does the site stop working?

It was for evades elements I downloaded some mockup files.

I am not sure if I have 2 accounts. wowdesignstudio and kimdolan.

ANYWAY since my mac crashed and I am working on my laptop I have not been able to log n as wowdesignstudio it says my user name is kimdolan.

thanks for your help

Hello, and thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I bought a Scent - Agency WordPress Theme a while back and more than twice now I’ve had to update the plugin that makes the site plug and play called Visual Composer. Without this plugin the template is practically useless. I don’t update the site much but sometimes I am forced to pay another fee for keeping it working. What is the purpose of this anyways? Let me save you some time when responding to me. Last time I contacted you I was told that visual composer is not your problem and it was a stand alone product. The problem is that without it the template is useless and the fact that your template says We need to install it otherwise the site does not work properly says to me and others that it is part of the software. I don’t mind paying for anything but I do have a problem being hijacked like this. The site worked fine until you guys decided to update the plugin.


Eddy Mendoza / Photographer/Talent Scout

So if a plugin comes bundled with a theme then you cannot auto-update it.

As/when/if a newer version is released for Visual Composer then the author of the theme should add this and release it as an update to the theme.

If you then go to your downloads page ( - assuming you are logged in) and download the latest versions you will get the updated plugin. There is no need to be buying the plugin separately esp. as in some cases this does not actually work. You receive a lifetime of updates to the theme (as long as it is active in the marketplace) for free.

You should ask the author what version of VC they currently have in the latest version of the theme.

Okay thanks. I didn’t know this. Last time I had to buy the update to get the site to work again.

Eddy Mendoza / Photographer/Talent Scout

Hello, I think I found the problem but I’d like to know what you think is the best way to resolve it. My former business partner has access to the account that I purchased the template and although he hasn’t come out and said it I believe that he recently used this template and therefore my licensed was rejected on my site due to its limitations of only one license per website. Do I need to buy another template in order to receive the license or is there another way around this?


Eddy Mendoza / Photographer/Talent Scout

It’s hard to advise without the full details but yes it should only be installed once on one website so if you have it running in multiple places then that would be in breach of the license and could well create problems.

If it was purchased on your account in your name then you will still be able to access the latest versions but if the license has been registered elsewhere then this may not help.

My advice would be to buy an entirely separate version of the theme without telling anyone of the details and create a fresh installation on your site so that there is zero confusion

Thanks for your advice but doing a new install on an existing site may be a bigger problem than I’d like to tackle. Can’t I simply buy the template and put in the license information that comes with the new one? This way I’m not installing anything over an existing install and run the chance of destroying all the work I’ve done for the past few years.

Eddy Mendoza / Photographer/Talent Scout

You could and it should be fine but it’s very difficult to say if that would work.

Perhaps contact the author of the theme and get their view

That’s probably what I’ll do.

Thank you.

Eddy Mendoza / Photographer/Talent Scout