My Ultimate Tweaker is re-branded and sold by someone

Hi to everyone!

My plugin Ultimate tweaker have new name UBER-ULTIMATE TWEAKER (
Find two differences! owner is Satish Gaire.

Have someone had such situation?

Have anyone purchased any extended license?

No and extended license does not allow rebranding/reselling.

Let support know so they can look into it:

Extended license allows the buyers to sale the items (re-sale) but this case there’s a copyright violation issue. Better to contact the support as @charlie4282 suggested

Your code is registered as GPL.
That can happen, if you release under GPL.
That is the rules of the license.

Welcome to the real world.

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Not quite. They can provide a service setting up Wordpress sites, installing themes, sorting out plugins etc… and charge for that service, but they can’t just resell the item ‘as is’. And you wouldn’t need an extended license for that, just a regular one, but you would need one license per sale of the service. Looks like the guy is just selling the plugin on, which isn’t allowed under the regular or extended license. Although, I don’t really know much about this GPL business.

This theme or plugin is comprised of two parts.

(1) the PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public
License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this
text file.

(2) All other parts, but not limited to the CSS code, images, and design are
licensed according to the license purchased from Envato.

Read more about licensing here:

Ah, so people can buy the item, ‘re-skin’ it and sell it on?

As long as it is GPL, yes, 100%.

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@SpaceStockFootage you’re missing my point

There is no Copyright Violation.
GPL allows that to be implemented, it is 100% legal and nothing to do with Cpyrights.

Also, before we touch on our mouth words like copyrights, make sure you either a lawyer or someone who knows what speaking about. Copyright is something that is string-attached with something that is registered.

There is no Pattern / Copyright on design, as Internet would have something been bored, before you make it, somewhere in a dark alley it already exists.

You’re right but the issue is there’s no license. If the user who has the website had purchased the extended license, he could’ve used as he wanted. That was my point. Right now, the author claim that it’s a license issue and he could contact the Envato support for a take down. It’d take a while but because of there’s no license, he could terminate the hosting service if it’s located in USA or European countries

I’m slightly confused, but based on the whole GPL thing… is this a license issue? I’m assuming he bought a license… either regular or extended, to get hold of the item in the first place?

And from what I can tell from the GPL stuff and the info provided in this thread… the code is open source, but the design is not? But this guy has added his own design… so surely that’s OK? He’s using something that is open source, combined with his own design to make a new item.

It’s not that I agree with what he has done, and this whole GPL thing does sound a bit crazy, but it sounds like this is OK and isn’t a licensing issue. Unless there’s some stipulation in the envato terms that days you can’t do that… but then surely that would go against the rules of GPL.

Or maybe I’ve got this whole GPL thing wrong! Can’t you ‘turn off GPL’ so this doesn’t happen again?

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It’s because of WordPress. It’s a open source platform and the themes/plugins are free as well.

But at Envato, additionally, there’s another license system so there’s a conflict. After a while, Envato created “100% GPL” license and you could activate it on your account settings. That means, if you purchase the theme, you can use the design, PHP/CSS/JS codes as you wish.


The issue here, as long as there’s no sale, there’s no problem because of the GPL but in this case, the guy who has tweaked the plugin is selling it again but not at Envato. If it was on Envato or other marketplaces, one DCMA notice would’ve taken down the item but selling it on your own website is a problem. You need to contact the hosting provider, etc… but if he has the extended license, there’s nothing to do because legally he has rights to sell the item

The OP’s item is not 100% GPL. So this is 100% illegal.

Additionally, an extended license cannot be used to sell an item as is. It is said quite clearly in the licensing terms. An extended license will allow you to integrate the product in a larger piece of work (of a different scope and nature to the item being integrated). Eg: music, graphic content or video files used in a game you are selling would require an extended license.

You can’t just purchase the OP’s item under the extended license and re-sell it.

Contact support.

YOu are wrong.
If he is using the code and NOT the design, that is 100% legal.
As I said before, if you contact a lawyer he will confirm to you, that it is can be done.

And - it has nothing to do with Normal or Extended license.

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NOOOOOO! The extended license does not give anybody the right to sell something on ‘as is’… even if they have altered the design.

I’m ignoring GPL in that, as I’m not 100% what that does and doesn’t allow. But whether it’s a theme, a video, a sound effect or a 3D model… you cannot sell it on with an extended license. You can use it to create a website, populate it, publish it and charge the client. Or you can create a video which includes a 3D character from 3D Ocean and then sell that video on etc etc… but you can’t just sell that thing on as a stand alone item. Even if you make a few tweaks here and there to alter it.

The GPL license may allow selling stuff on, but the extended license most definitely doesn’t.

Actually no, I’m not wrong. You are deviating from the original discussion and talking about a different setting all together, pulling out just the GPL parts and reselling. This is not what is happening and even in this case, it is morally wrong and hugely frowned upon within the WordPress and GPL community.

Just because you can, does not mean you should.

Nobody likes a troll.

First of all, I am not trolling.
I am speaking seriously.

There is a huge difference, between " morally wrong " and if it is legit or not, even if we do not like it.
There are huge topcis about that around the internet, you can go ahead to wptavern for example and review it.