My UI Kit was rejected

Hello everyone! I was creating an UI Kit for banking sites, and after I had uploaded it on GraphicRiver I got the reject because my item isn’t ready yet for this marketplace. I’m so sad that Envato didn’t like this, but they still don’t tell me a reasons for this reject. Dear Envato Forum’s members, could you help me to understand why my item seems so bad? Thank you!

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This is really quite good, so don’t be discouraged! The one thing that I’ve learned about rejections (on a more personal note) is that ‘THEY’ reject you so that you can push higher. This UI kit should absolutely be coded and packaged as software on the Code Canyon side. I understand if that’s not your focus, and if you don’t know how to accomplish this, but this is the thing about BIG success. You get told no about something that you’ve worked so hard on only to keep trying to reintroduce it in a BETTER way.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if you could figure out a way to package this as functional software, that this ONE THEME would sell thousands in it’s lifetime on CC. The challenge is collaborating with the right person to help you bring this to life, but that should undoubtedly be your focus with this stunning UI.

Thank you for you reply. I think your idea is very good. I actually haven’t explored CodeCanyon’s categories yet and I didn’t know for which category I should create the UI kit. Maybe a Bootstrap Skin? What do you think?

You’re welcome! Definitely either Bootstrap or PHP database extraction. I would explore PHP database extraction, because the pricing margins are generally higher.