My Typeface got rejected. Why?

I spent countless hours (5-6 months) designing each and every character, taking care of consistency, kerning and smallest of details. Still, my fonts got rejected. I met with positive response from some designers.
This is my second rejection on Envato for not being of required quality standard. Can anyone please give me feedback and tell me why it got rejected harshly without any explanation?

I can’t say for sure, but in my opinion, it could be a bit too basic. It looks like a well done font, but I feel like I’ve seen it 100s of times before, even as just a default font that comes with Windows.

Most of the fonts that I see here are more on the creative/decorative side, with key features that set them apart. Perhaps GraphicRiver isn’t the right place for a font like this.

Typefaces, especially sans-serifs should serve the basic purpose of diverse usage and versatility. My typeface takes care of that with 18 styles.
Talking about standing out, it come with unique design features, stylistic alternates and ligatures. Which I think you won’t find in default ones.
Keeping both the things in mind and looking at the images, what do you think?

Well yes, of course fonts should be versatile, but like I said, I don’t see a whole lot of very basic fonts on GraphicRiver, which to me means it isn’t what they’re looking for, so you might have to try somewhere else.

The one you just posted looks more along the lines of what they’d accept. Though you should also think about the presentation on the marketplace. I’m not sure what you submitted exactly, and I know the font itself is what matters, but you should make sure to show it being used in some examples, maybe on a nice background, different colours, etc. Looking at the fonts currently on the marketplace, many of them are shown in logo examples, on photo backgrounds, etc.

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hi i am not an expert but as for i tend to believe just like @XioxGraphix mentioned that the style maybe a reason … but if ask me, there maybe something else, this is the spacing between letter being uneven … some being stuck to each other and some very far … so this is not harmonious