My two flyers hard rejected :( but nice design.

Hi to all:

My designs flyer are hard rejected but I not know why? The other day I upload my flyers already help me post my forums but I case already fix sone my flyers, I not understand rejected hard :’(

My flyers PSD files:

Please help me thanks.

please help me thanks

A flyer design did in Photoshop? Really? How do you think they could accept a supposed vector file in bitmap?
And honestly, you can improve a lot your design.

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3 years ago approved my flyer but Now rejected my flyer :’(

Halloween is a tough niche to break into especially for someone just starting out, (l personally had quite a few rejects to get two in) so you can keep pitching, for an occasional home run, or go to another field, (another niche) that instead of trying to play against the Yankee’s you are instead playing against the Toledo Mud Hen’s.

Good luck.


Thanks for your feedback, a question, do I have account 3 years ago approved graphicriver but later 2014 rejected my account graphicriver? bad my account or not? please help me thanks.

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Not sure what you mean, but l would contact support?


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I will contact support thanks. :slight_smile: regards.

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Last time I checked, most flyers on here are designed in Photoshop. Usually it’s corporate / business flyer designs that are done in illustrator or indesign etc.


I found a lot of flyers in PSD format indeed. And I’m just creating one :slight_smile:

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Need to improve image editing and layer composition.
Good design but have to improve design elements like date and address details.
Good luck for next submission.

I already make a flyer design format .psd on photoshop cc 2017 for so hard rejected :’(