My turn to ask opinions about hard reject.

Attention! Very Russian English! Sorry :slight_smile:

Okay. Another 3 weeks of work are wasted on hard rejected projects. +5 days waiting for approve. And. Hard Reject or literally simple FO. His Majesty Envato Reviewer as usual explained his decision with copy\paste shit.

Now to the project itself.
It is a “Smooth” transitions pack for Final Cut Pro. This project is result of my everyday editor routine. I’ve started to built this pack maybe 3 years ago and this is one of most useful transitions for me in my work (Official Auto Footages and Presentations). A month ago i’ve decided to share this project. So i’ve fully rebuilt project files, made it more clean, i’ve fixed every keyframe and every bezier, i’ve made preview thumbnails for FCPX.

And, as i’ve already told - Hard Reject. I’m totally newbie at Envato and i have only one product with 58 sales for one month, but this is an absolutely worst place in user experience which i’ve worked with for a long time. I don’t understand why my third work in a row is rejected, reviewers do not actually review items, i don’t understand what envato team is actually doing. On their Autor’s Help page they told us that Light Rays, Snow etc. are unneeded. Now look at the featured projects on main page. There is two options - Envato don’t know what they need or Envato and the reviewers are living in a different universes.

Looks like ideal project for approve it is a Parallax - Grunge - Glith - Minimal Logo. A millions of 90% similar project. Doing something different - HARD REJECT. No parallax - HARD REJECT. No glitch - HARD REJECT. Not power “over $40000” user - HARD REJECT.

I don’t know. Maybe it is kinda tough but looks that peoples like me, whose create mostly tools for editors, not projects themselves, aren’t needed at Envato at all. The only question is why LCM was approved and who are those 58 buyers.

Don’t think i’ll do try to publish another project on Envato, so i will appreciate your personal opinion about this project. Just can’t believe that i’m the only person which interested in this type of well krafted transitions and i’m the only one whose actually use these.

Thank you for your attention.
Sorry for my english one more time.