My trifold brochure got rejected... why ?


I recently submitted this trifold brochure, but it has been rejected.
Please give me your feedback.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I can’t judge because I am designer too, for regular customer this is ok design, for me this is 15 minutes of work…

and here is the key - you should make something I want to buy :slight_smile: something for what I can pay 8 - 9 $ and it will safe my time

best example is text effects market on GR - you can buy 10 text effects for $5 - time safe is huge, price is low - everyone’s happy

you need remember that your customers are mostly designers, not company owners :slight_smile:

man ! u are ultra quick in your case lol do u know if he drew the icons? because if so the work is way longer than this already lol

for me this is clean but a bit simple, i mean that would take a little touch of originality for the item to get to the next level …one of teh tings that turn to be regrettable is that all pages are kind of isolated and working in an agency makes me think that u may have problems with th folding with such a construction page by page of the whole design, especially as regard to the green line between the 2nd and 3rd page , it may ruin the cleanliness if guys do not make a super accurate job in cutting , folding and everything …
i think that trying to make titles pop up more would be a greta idea too
i hope it could help u :slight_smile:

with icons it could take longer but design itself is pretty simple - this is quick job. :slight_smile:

yeah but as mentioned earlier on, some people try to do as regard to their target … and i guess there would not be so many simple things being accepted if they did not meet a buyer base and quite frankly, though i agree with u when it comes to being clean but simple, some much more simple make it and there is reason to wander why this one and why not this one …