My Tri-fold is rejected

Hello, my tri-fold is rejected. I am eager to know why my item was rejected. I am new here.
Advance thanks to @n2n44

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hi , well here is what i feel about what u have created , theres is definitely a desire for originality and for for bringing something clean to the table, however there are many ways for you to take your game to the new level indeed

1- harmony of color
to be honest , even though u were smart enough not to put black color only in one area just like many people do with a color in particular but spread it a bit around the document, however , this is still not really matching and generating some real harmony for that matter … i believe that playing with another shade of dark blue would have been more efficient and most importantly bringing some more harmony to the table indeed, besides the combination of black and dark blue text is bringing some negative effect in the process, see point 2

2- lack of contrast and hierarchy still to be improved
well i identify what u have been doing just this is and in a way this is smart and legitimate , though combining dark blue color titles with black titles , altogether has just had a negative impact on the hierarchy , as the lack on contrast resulting from this is flattening the relief and differences between different pieces of text, not to mention that a lot of your txt , in addition, are not so very readable right now as in white color and being on top of a plain blue or gradient blue shapes, they just fail to spring out enough

3- plain colors or gradients
well this is clean as such , do not get me wrong … though , this would take you to the next step , put your game to the next level to rather melt some corporate pictures in these areas … no need for them to be quite visible , they need to hardly be so to speak , they will just create some relief and will make people realize that iu have been going through more work on your item indeed … and this is a bit true for all “sections” (i mean single page or fold) of your item

4- organization and alignment
well, the good thing about having the document “unfolded” is that this is pointing at the fact that u have some alignment issues , take a look at the series of 3 pages for instance, the one including the cover … well u have a footer page in one , the website and qr code in the mid one, and on the right one some kind of addition text and the fact of the matter is that none is at the same level, which is having a negative impact on the way your item looks and how people feel about it too. besides, the same goes with the other series on three pages , not only for footers but also for headers as well …

5- readability
i quickly evoked this but the lack of contrast of many text with the background under them is just making texts hard to read and not popping out enough and think about it, if texts cannot be read , what is the point to have them here …

6- strange choice
have a look at the “we are … business part”, well the way the text is cut looks pretty strange not to mention that it makes u get inside some sort of disharmonious composition of text elements

7- icons
well this is a bit strange in the first place to have white backgrounds and black icons on top of them in one side and the other way around in the other side, this does very little sense if u ask me … i would personally hope for white background and black icons on top so that they are more outstanding, punchy and bringing more harmony. moreover u have to make sure that all icons are in the same style so to speak, for the white icon set , well the different of stroke is much of a problem and makes people think about sometimes pasted with each other without really being connected indeed