My Traveling Logo item feedback before submitting it to Envato

Hello guys!
I would like your feedback regarding a Traveling Logo (Ai and EPS) before submitting it to Envato.

4 Types for logo file (Ai and EPS)
Color Mode - CMYK

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Overall I like it. A few things I’d change would be to remove the highlight on the top left, it isnt really needed and it slightly clutters up what is otherwise a clean look.

The plane wing tips are too close to other elements. The one close to the clouds isn’t a big deal, but the one close to the edge of the circle is. As a general rule, you should never have a line of one element be flush with the line of another, either give it some space, or have it overlap completely, if that makes sense. In this case you could move the plane to the left a little more to allow for a bit more space.

The clouds are okay, but one thing you could try to help make it a bit more dynamic and original, is to make them a bit more swirly and wavy, as if they were swirling from the plane zooming past them.

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if he does remove this, the logo will automatically look flatter … i think the this is the other way around that he should do, that is to say make it bolder so that this is more noticed in smaller size. Besides this is some of the small elements that make this logo different a bit from others ones already in the market , despite that this is even like this far from “revolutionary” … But anyways, i do not feel like this is the main issue … as for me the typo is really flat and lacking variations or combinations as well originality though th global result is sort of coherent … . I also tend to believe that the movement line behind the plane is not only not necessary but also not particularly aesthetic to say the least … and that maybe the plane could be better executed indeed like for the upper wing, for instance … finally i tend to believe that the logo as a whole is working much more in horizontal version than vertical one …the text is imbricating much more with the illustration part in this version …

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Thank you so much…

i am happy to get to know that i helped u too lol

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Hey guys,
Thanks for your suggestions. Yesterday we had submitted the travelling logo on Envato but it was rejected due to quality standard issues. I took your advice and make the changes but can you explain in simple terms as to where I can make improvements?