My tracks were transfered from 'Classical' to 'Cinematic' category


I have 2 tracks, that were transfered from “Classical” to “Cinematic” category by reviewer. I want to understand - why they don’t fit Classical category? I do like the sales in this category, and want to post my tracks to it. So maybe orchestration is not classical, or sth else that I can’t notice right now.

So I am looking for things that I can change to fit the Classical category with such type of sound. Thanks in advance!

First track - Inspiring Epic Cinematic by CollabHub | AudioJungle
Second track - Epic Motivational Orchestra by CollabHub | AudioJungle

In my opinion, these tracks have nothing to do with classical music. (Except for the characteristic sounding for the classics of violins). Track structure, instrumental, powerful percussion - all of this is cinematic music. Therefore, this decision is fair. Perhaps you have previously taken such tracks into the category of classics, but it depends on the reviewer.)

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After a brief listen to the first track, this is most definitely cinematic and NOT classical. You have even classified it in the title.

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Yes, could be this a new way of self-promotion?


Yeah, I have 3-4 such tracks in Classic category. And now 2 tracks were moved to “Cinematic” in a row. And I heard some more powerful tracks in this category, so having some misunderstanding why this type of dry strings sound with background orchestra doesn’t fit the Classic category.

Maybe that’s really depends on reviewer :slight_smile:

You’re funny Community moderator)) I’ve looking for some advice to what to change in my track to fit the Classic category, that’s it) No self promotion :slight_smile:

By the way, advertising your music as being ContentID free, while implying ContentID registered music is a hassle, is not permitted as per Envato’s rules. It’s also a low blow against the author community, as well as a stupid strategic choice.


can you write a score with paper and pencil? if not indeed your music is more epic and cinematic trailer than classic.


Yep, that’s a nice thought, thanks)

@CollabHub you should listen to PurpleFog’s post. If you don’t protect your music, you leave yourself open to thieves who will register it for themselves, and then you’ll have to go through the rigmarole of proving that you are the rightful copyright owner. And in the meantime, your customers will find it even more troublesome since you won’t be able to clear the claims for them.


Just a follow-up:

While I still think this is really stupid to advertise your music as ContentID-free, as well as being a direct attack on your responsible fellow authors, and a lie to your buyers as you potentially expose them to far greater headaches… I was wrong to say it was not permitted by Envato’s rules. It seems they changed their mind, as Envato support just confirmed to me that it was fine by them. The irresponsibility, the direct attack on the author community, the putting their customers at risk of being fraudulently claimed, all of this is fine by Envato. So, knock yourself out!