My tracks disappeared.

Hi, I submitted 2 tracks almost 1 month ago. I have found in forums it takes approximately 4 days to get reviewed. In my case, it was showing “waiting for review” for about 20 days (!) and then everything just disappeared. I cant see my tracks anywhere, I can’t see how the review process turned out, haven’t got any message… nothing. Can anybody tell me what’s going on and what to do? Thank you! Jaro

check your hidden items on your dashboard


It currently takes about 14 days (not 4) to have a track reviewed. Once a track is reviewed you get an email no matter what the outcome is. Check your spam folder, the mail should be there, if there is no issue with the email address you provided.

Your track was either approved and you should see it in your portfolio, or soft rejected and you should see it in your hidden item tab, or hard rejected.