My Track was used by Roman Atwood Youtube Blogger

Hey guys!

Don’t know if it’s okay to start this thread here, but I just want to share with you one thing!
I’ve found out that Roman Atwood used my new track in his latest vlog on youtube (Roman Atwood Vlogs: REAL LIFE MARIO KART!!)!
It’s a first sale for this track and video with it got a million views already! So basically it was heard for a 1kk times!

This week was super intense for me because I got a trending item a few days ago!

Maybe it sounds a bit weird, but I’m so happy of it :blush:

*edited because I forgot to attached the music :smile:


That’s a huge channel! Congratulations! :tada: :slight_smile:

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Congrats! Fits great to the video! Good luck!

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Cool , very cooool !!!

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Congrats! :grinning:


Congratulations :slight_smile:

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Nice work!! It fits perfectly :slight_smile:

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Nice!! Really great track!

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Congrats! Roman rulez! :smiley:

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Great one, congrats! That’s quite inspiring.
Maybe I also need to check how and where my music was used. Haven’t been doing it for a while, who knows maybe I’m missing out? :crazy_face:


And finally when I did some basic research on who’s using my tracks I found one very well known company. And it was… Microsoft. Ta-ta! :sunglasses:


Banging track! Well deserved!