My track was rejected

Hi musicians. My track was rejected.

I would be glad any constructive info-comments-suggestions: about what wrong, or all are hopelessly (and necessary to read-lean “Music creation for Idiots”). Any info, please. Thanks.

I think it wasn’t the most successful idea to make a Christmas track in this style. Personally it seems to me that this sounds like a “musical joke” (no offense), or a remix of a Christmas song. Original ideas are certainly good, but you need to be more careful with them on the AJ)

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From what I can find online it seems that the song is not public domain, so you can’t use the lyrics. The music is public domain, and as you can see there are lots of versions of this song on Audiojungle which don’t have any singing. So that’s one possible reason for rejection.

Thanks a lot - I’ll try to make conclusions.

Very original track… you did a hard work with this production… but hesitates about commercial viability… lots of sound effects… lots of stimulil,… I love your track! but… curators have the final word
good luck with future approvals!