My track was rejected! Why ?

I wrote a cover. Why was he rejected? Can’t write such covers ??

My version of the song Angry Birds Theme (composer Ari Pulkkinen).
(On September 2, 2011, the theme song from Angry Birds was performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra)

My interpretation of the song Angry Birds Theme sounds in such instruments:
Flute, tuba, bells, tambourine shaker, violin, pizzacato violin, clarinet, wooden box

When you are in the upload page, at the bottom there is a text.

“Any samples, loops, vocals or other assets that are not my own work, have been appropriately licensed for use in the file preview or main download. Other than these items, this work is entirely my own and I have full rights to sell it on AudioJungle. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your file being removed or your account disabled.”

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Hello! Here in more detail.

"What’s Not Allowed

NOTE: Please be aware that remixing another artist’s original work and selling it as your own without proper rights/permission is a violation of copyright."

Well, usually, people complaining about “rejected songs” copy / paste the email they receive, it is usually always the same “quality standards” etc…

In your case, what did they say?
I hope they took the time to at least write “copyright violation” if this is the problem here… (which I don’t know)
(we are talking about a cover, not a sampling, so I don’t know what is allowed or not in this case).

I also found this:

I did the first “cover” of my life… with a Christmas song. which is worldwide public domain.