My track was rejected. Help please to understand why

Dear audiojungles, could you please help me to understand why my track was rejected.

Welcome to the community @valiahmetov! :slight_smile:
I thing the idea is cool but you should work on the mix of this track

Thank you very much for the feedback! I’m really a fresher here… could you please explain what mean ‘mix’?

You have a constant repeated click in the track, clipping. You can slightly adjust the bass sound. My advice, find for yourself reference tracks of other authors in this style. Look on YouTube. And just try to create something like that. Pay attention to sounds, timbre of instruments. I hope my advice will help you!

This is an art when your instruments in a track or song do not conflict with each other or their frequencies. This is sound engineering! For example, your bass should be denser, but at the same time sound clean. Pads should sound atmospheric and airy. If you do not cut out the lower frequencies of the pad, then it will conflict with the bass, since this is its place.