My track "Lucky Day" was not so lucky, witn hard rejection....

Hi folk, greets :sunglasses:

So, after 6th hard rejection of different tracks - I still try to undrstand what is wrong, in my case? :

And, btw - big picture and text with invitation disappeared in my profile…:flushed: with no ways to edit, no answers why. Thouhg was uploaded and filled with care, by me at registration, and presented some time.
May be, some relation between this profile “clearing” and hard rejects… hmm…

Thanks in advance for your help and hints.

Listen to me pal, they’re rejecting many tracks lately, you’re not the only one. And as you can notice, there are many topics about this. By the way it’s not for a little particular I guess, unless the item is totally dissonant (in this case would be rejected for sure), because I heard different tracks which have some “dirty” stuff into, and they were approved. To be honest your track sounds good to me.

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I liked the track it’s positive and nice :-). For me it is too much synth sweep sound hihats sounds a bit out of control and needs more mix arrangement (for example the snare sounds a bit out of the mix). the track has potential s.

BTW great N2 F6_8 song


Thanks for your reviewing )), yep…I`m abit puzzled with this too, though I can my for mistakes here aslo.

Aha, thanks for listening and analyzing )), some synth sweep seems a bit exessive, yes, but after listening in diffetrent places I noticed for different sweep too, and on shit contol/low level systems half of synt sound disapperaed :open_mouth:

Thanks also for commenting N2 F6_8 track (this item was rejected also, btw )) ), for my surprize I`ve got more comments for this track even vs above stated item, with critics and positive opinion, though added this track just for fun.
Cheers :slight_smile:

There are a lot of elements of this track which I like, certainly not one of those tracks where you go “oh wow that’s horrible I can get why they rejected it!!”

If a few things were improved, I think this could be approved. I think the beat gets lost in the mix when it needs to be more clear, and the bass is overpowering. Also some of the synth sounds are a bit dated and also distracting. There is a lack of focus in the mix and arrangement. Mind you some of this is a bit subjective, and as always a reviewers decision is always going to be a subjective one.

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