My track has been rejected. Can somebody give the critique or advises?

Hi, guys. My track has got a hard rejection and I am asking for critique. What is exactly wrong with quality? What I have to focus on? Or maybe it’s just a really bad track?

Hey there! What track?

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Hi @AtmoSounds! I liked the overall vibe of the track. I’ll give you a few straight forward (but brief, as I’m on a rush right now) opinions:

  1. The plucked melodic synths from 0:18 seems to be slightly off-tempo or something. This is a sure-shot rejection here. Also, they sound quite thin and the phrasing is not really interesting. In the second segment, the melody is a bit intrusive and could definitely fight for attention with an eventual VO.
  2. I think you could work on the background pads to make them flow more smoothly from one chord to the next one. Maybe reverb, maybe delay, maybe release time… I don’t know. Each cook with his own book.
  3. Besides the above I find the track just a bit monotonous and repetitive.
  4. The mix, stereo spread and master could also be improved a bit, IMO.

But going back to point 1, I would definitely go with a different sound for that synth.

Finally, keep in mind that the jungle is pretty saturated with this kind of ambient/corporate/medical music tracks, so it could be a bit hard to get sales.

Hope it helps! Best of luck!

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