My Top 3 BFFs

Aloha all!!! I am an enthusiast and big fan of videohive and all that is adobe. It has been purely a hobby for me all these years. I love the fact that i have this powerful community and great resources at my fingertips. It truly is my first love, but i’m not good enough to live off of it so the past 15 years I been working as a Registered Nurse in Psychiatry and medical hospital. I’m finally needing to take some much needed time off after these past 4 grueling weeks. I log on and these guys our like my BFFs I purchased and its like they just keep giving… updates!!! !
Not in order of importance but update date: Videolancers Handy Seamless Tx, Integnity Photomotion X, and Motionland Big Pack
My question is this: what 3 would you add to this list of BFF of must haves (note I just saw AE faces videolancer… whoa bro speechless) would love to have your input this communities input!!! so hopefully I can add a few more BFFs and create some content for my friends, family, and coworkers. Stay Safe All, and keep up the awesome work!!!

sorry wrong area. apologies orz.