My thumbnail was rejected, could you teach me?

Hi everyone, I recently uploaded a product to sell Whatsapp marketing software on, but it was rejected because my thumbnail image does not meet the standard quality. Could you please tell me how to make it meet the standard quality? The following is my thumbnail image. Thank you.


You can’t use Whatsapp logo. It’s registered logo. On top of that, it looks awful. You need better quality.

Can I upload any image? As long as it is not the Whatsapp logo.

Has to be not-registered/trademarked image

Thank you.

If the original author’s product is sold on this website, can we also resell their products here? Thanks

As long as you have non-exclusive account. If you have exclusive account, you cannot. With Exclusive account ( Envato ) you are only allowed to sell it at Envato Marketplace. ( not anywhere else )

Can you help me create a Thumbnail image? The software we sell is Whatsapp bulk sender marketing software. If you need the software, I will send it to you. Thanks