My Themeforest item was hard rejected guide me please

Hi Everybody,

I uploaded One page html5 template on themeforest after 2 days its hard rejected now. So, somebody guide me what is the quality standard we required to make successfull item.

Thank You,

Hope team will guide me.

You need to share a demo if you want feedback


Please find the website link below,

I can only see it on a phone but it is a mess there -

  • hero area is hard to read

  • icons/content on boxes below not loading

  • no navigation

  • footer menu/links do nothing

  • “your logo” is not helping

  • generally the spacing, typography and hierarchy needs rethinking

  • concept is vastly over done to a much higher standard and requires significantly more premium features and functionality

It may be better on a desktop but this view flags some issues that will be the same on any device and it does have to work on a phone too


You have way too much animations. The color scheme is off, and there are layout problems. Typography is also weak and mobile view is a mess. Spacing and alignment need work as well. To sum it up, this is not ready for Themeforest. Each template needs its own identity, logo and original design. You’re not there yet.

My advice would be to study more and come back when you’re ready stick to the Envato design guidelines. You have to be creative, but within those guidelines.

Good luck!