My Themeforest account locked

Hello, i tryed to buy Houzez theme with my bank card on Turkey but i didnt. After i want to help from my friend. He bought Houzez theme for me in own phone. After that i signed in then locked my account. Very annoying

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Talk to support who will be the only people able to clear this up. Envato Market Help and Support

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i did but i havent any time. how can i solve quicker?

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Unfortunately they are the only people who can resolve this.

I am not entirely clear on what happened but it sounds like a security measure that requires account verification or confirmation.

They will help ASAP


Thanks for replyed

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what do they mean, i paid 61 dolars. What will happen now? Where is my money

You will need to continue the conversation with support.

Unfortunately no one in the forums will have access to info related to this, or be able to help resolve it.

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