My theme was rejected , any idea !?

Hi, I recently uploaded my theme in themeforest and unfortunately hard rejected.

Any Idea why my theme was rejected ??

Any suggestions for improvement before re-uploading ?

here is the link :

I’d be grateful for your help.


Hi @MeDoThemes! I would be glad to offer some quick and honest feedback for you:

There are two basic reasons why your theme was most likely rejected: Design and typography. The design and the typography appear dated—the concept and design is similar to designs that were uploaded to TF around 4-5 years ago. Grid and structure wise, you’re going about it the right way. But your choice of fonts, the size of fonts, the variance and scale between all your h1/h2/h3/h4/h5/h6 tags, the line height of your main p tag, and the overall typography is just not compelling enough. Today’s designs are more bold, cleaner, with greater use of white space.

Use more color and better photographs. There’s no real flow visually—the eye should seamlessly weave it’s way through a web page design. Instead, the viewer’s eyes are fighting, not really knowing where to focus.

I can only suggest that you research more modern, successful web design. I share this not to criticize but to hopefully help in a constructive manner. Best of luck. :thumbsup: